Monday, June 29, 2015

"Box in a Bag" Tutorial

Good morning, CardMonkey friends and followers!

...and thank you for your sweet comments over the weekend about my "Box in a Bag" I made for the Original Disney Pixar Blog Hop. 

Please don't be "intimidated" (as one commenter said she'd be) to try this project on your own. You'll be surprised how downright easy it is to make. 

I realize many are more visual learners, so I created this handout for when I teach this project. Perhaps this will help you to try it yourself?

Re-reading this above, I realize that I didn't mention how to affix the "bag" around the "box" in the tutorial. All you have to do is cover the 1" high Box raised lip, all the way around, with a firm adhesive such as Scor-Tape. Then, starting at one short end, wrap the piece marked "Bag" around the base, butting the bottom edge to the very bottom fold line of the Box.  The last bit of the Bag should overlap where you have your adhesive to seal. Then VOILA! Add your decorative strip to the top of the bag, then your handles, and you're done!

Have fun!

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