Thursday, July 8, 2010

And in my spare time ....

... I bead!

Now the normal person might ask, "Ellen, with as many jobs as you have, a family depending on you, two dogs and Mr. Smiley, and prepping for your new granddaughter, when do you have spare time??"

Well, that would be an inane question. We do things we love, and make time for them ... because they're relaxing, and an avenue for creativity. In my case, I was tied up in a hospital, tethered to IVs, bored out of my goard, so made three beaded bracelets. I'm thinking that these will be prizes at my daughter's upcoming baby shower.

This bracelet here is pink on the outside and peridot green on the inside, though by using Swarovski crystals, all sorts of shimmer colors show up in a photograph. Another (using the same pattern) is gold and brown smoke.

The third bracelet was a very pretty platinum and grey/pink, but I gave it to one of my nurses with whom I had a warm and wonderful conversation about our daughters and their expectancies. The nurse, Lorrie, needed a *hug*, and what better way to do it with a gift made with love?

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Diane said...

What a beautiful bracelet and how sweet of you to share one with Lorrie - I bet it made her day!