Friday, July 9, 2010

Will he get the hint?

Yesterday, I got in a very sweet "Deal of the Month" from Creative Charms (Wexford, PA) with $23 worth of embellies in a grab pack that's only $6.99! This is such a good value (70% off the MSRP) that I've been buying two every month just to add to my stash and use when I can. There are 167 pieces in July's kit!

One of the inspirational blogsites I follow is Capadia Designs. There, Diane recently suggested creatively using the little cardboard "purse" that the Creative Charms flowers arrives on.

The cardboard backing has a cute sequined "purse strap" already affixed ... all it craved was a little decorating. Feeling challenged while awaiting my pack of goodies to arrive, I came upon a use that is quite needed around my house.

You see, Mr. Smiley is home mostly every day, disabled from the crush of arthritic knees. He's had one replaced and is scheduled for the next surgery in September. So while he's feeling more "up to it" and could possibly do some laundry, he contends that he just doesn't notice when the laundry needs shifting from basket to washer, from washer to dryer. What an opportunity! And how could he miss these signs, so bright and pretty?

Most of the type I used came from Cricut's Plantin Schoolbook cartridge; the "add" in the circle is from the "From My Kitchen" Cricut cartridge. I hand-cut the paper to cover the "purse" on both sides, then punched it around the edge with my Big Bite CropADile. I wove some ribbon through the holes to give it a more finished look, tying bows front and back to make the sign reversible, depending on the laundry's status.

I'm willing to take the risk that my whites become pink, if only I could get a hand with the mounds of laundry. Gosh, at least we're not down by the river, pounding the clothes on the rocks, ehhhh?

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Diane said...

I love your project - it is so bright and cheery (anything to brighten up laundry time!). The ribbons "sewn" around the edges look beautiful - that was a great idea.

Thanks so much for letting me know about it - I am happy to know I inspired you to use your packaging.

Have a great weekend!