Sunday, July 11, 2010

Too many toys! So much to do!

Hello again, friends!

I had every good intention of making a card or two today. I had some wonderful inspirations while Blog Hopping yesterday (thank you, Kim at Kreative Krafts, for letting me in on the 10-stop hop). Then the invitations for the baby shower need doing, I'm trying to bead a bracelet a day and then ....

My day yesterday came to a crashing halt.

Egads, my dear daughter Emily -- driving her 2007 VW Jetta -- with her hubby Josh as passenger, got into a major car crash. Three cars, high-speed impact, spinning, airbags ... oh God! After the glass dust settled, Emily was badly shaken and was having cramping and nausea. We were VERY blessed as it turns out -- the baby is no worse for the wild ride, and Emily has only seatbelt and airbag welts. The other drivers drove their cars home, Josh is fine too (and THANK YOU, Josh, for leaning over to brace and protect your wife and baby!!!!), but the car .... not so good.

Here it is, brace yourselves for what's likely a "totaled" disaster:

The car looks nearly as bad on the driver's side too. The axel is cracked, the tires are toed-in, and as you can see, all of the side impact curtains came down to shield the passengers from the exploding glass.

The miracle is how all of the safety equipment and crush zones worked perfectly. How fortunate we are! We are grateful, and no one is happier than I am that my daughter and her husband and their wee little baby-under-development (20 weeks along) were spared. Thank you, God -- He is good and merciful!

So I was distracted ... and just wanted to spend a little time today doing something crafty for my Grandbaby-to-be.

I turned on that sewing machine (the one I stitch my cards with) and embroidered this darling little bib for Baby, shown above worn by the stuffed monkey who will adorn the diaper cake. It's relatively plain -- just words. I thought about doing more decorating or embellishment, but there's something about the colors and the text that tell me that's enough.

What do you think? Can you tell this Baby is going to be spoiled ...errrr, I mean, well-loved?


Anonymous said...

Im glad your family is ok... specially the little one...

What a scare it most have been... for your daughter.. Bless them.


Scrappin with the bug said...

So glad everyone is ok. That is for sure a total loss and really scarey to be pregnant and in this type of a crash. That little bib is so adorable. Great job.