Thursday, July 8, 2010

To Stitch or Not to Stitch

Hello, Friends and Fellow Bloggers!

First, my apologies for being delinquent in a daily post. Some sort of intestinal bug had gotten the better of me so I'd spent a few days in the hospital. While in the hospital, I didn't have my card stash (shocking!), but I did get Mr. Smiley to bring me my bead collection, so I made a few nice bracelets. More on that later ...

I actually made two versions of this "Thinking of You" card, and I'd love to hear your comments as to which one you like better. On the top right here, you'll notice that there is stitching around each of the paper pieces. This was done using my Husqvarna Designer Diamond sewing machine -- the ultimate machine for those who've figured out how to use it. (I'm not one of those, and lately it's been relegated to my paper crafting.)

At left here is the unstitched version, with pieces just glued onto the formed card onto which I'd printed (HP printer) the sentiment.

As you can see, I used a collection of soft pastels in complimenting tones. I cut 1.5" squares, and then rounded the two opposite corners using my Martha Stewart rounding punch.

I've left the inside blank, onto which I'll write personal messages to some friends who need extra *hugs* these days.

What is your opinion: to stitch or not to stitch, that is the question?


Ellen Jarvis said...

I'll comment on my own post ... I wonder if the bottom stripe would be better off ZIG-ZAGGED onto the card ... OR if the bottom stripe was left to hide the sewn card gluing to the full card with no stitching at all?

maryps said...

Personally I love the stitched version. I am desperately trying to make a permanent home for my sewing machine in my studio. I like sewn cards but never stitch mine because it is way too much trouble to drag my machine out and then put it away.

I really like your blog. :)