Saturday, July 17, 2010

One Little Monkey ...

Hello, crafty people!

It's a hot day here in the suburbs of Philadelphia, not one when I should be handling chocolate ... but I am.

Today my craft spirits took me to my Adobe Illustrator program to create and produce these adorable candy wrappers to use at daughter Emily's upcoming baby shower. I suppose you'd never guess that the theme is MONKEYS!

For those looking to create their own charming wrappers, use whatever design program you're most comfortable with. Your template should be 1" wide x 3" high to fit the Hershey's Nugget chocolate "pillows". (I like these because there is more space to decorate than a Hershey's kiss, and infinitely more chocolate per bite that way. Hahaha, one for the shower, one for me, one to decorate, one for the tummy....)

Pick your images from any of the free clip-art programs available and use your theme colors. Our colors are pink, brown and accented with green. To create the patterned paper look, simply type O's, or dots, hearts (Alt-3 = ♥) or xoxoxo ... whatever your heart desires.

Do you have a favorite among these ten designs? Mine is probably the "precious little monkey" shown at the front (top, here), or the front one on the lower picture, "Welcome Baby Cohick!" We plan to use these in our favor boxes as well as on the tables.

Have you done anything similar you'd like to share?

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