Monday, April 25, 2011

And the Cutterbee Scissors Go To .....

... selected by "Randy" at ...

STAR who said "Card #3 put a smile on my face as soon as I saw it.  Thank you for sharing."

Now, Ladies and the occasional Gentleman, I happen to know Star, she's a BFF. She doesn't have a blog but I've seen (and received!) her cards and they are SO special!!  She's been making cards like FOREVER -- way before I have been making them. 

Anywho... Star, call or write ... come over for paper playtime and/or a barbecue.  I'll give you your scissors then and you'll love 'em. But not nearly as much as I ♥ you!  Congratulations!!

Three announcements: 

1.  Loyal friends and followers, you'll want to tune in here for SURE on Thursday 4/28 and Friday 4/29 for the Royal Tea Bridal Shower Hop.  Come celebrate with us the Royal Marriage of Prince William to his lovely Kate.

2.  I'm excited to say I've been selected for a Premier Creative Team Member for The Creative Pointe, the creative genius behind Diecut Designer, the newest site for all your SVG cutting files.  I've made my first project using them -- super easy to use! -- and will be posting it on May 1 when my 4-month term officially begins.  Diecut Designer is now open ... go to and see what YOU can cut without relying on the restrictions of a Cricut cartridge.

3. To those who loved the pic of my granddaughter Charlotte in her bunny ears, posted yesterday, you're probably like me. Can't get enough of that cutie pie!  So here's to let you know that Cheezer had a fabulous Easter, surrounded by family and sweet potatoes.


Melissa said...

Congrats Star, you are going to love those scissors!

Congrats on making Cindy's design team Ellen! Did you know that she is a neighbor to my parents?! lol


Judy said...

LOL she is so cute... Glad to know she had a great Easter..
Have a good day.

Star said...

Me? Lil' me the winner? I am thrilled!!! And I will call you later to set a date for pick-up and playtime in your paper playroom. And a bar-b-q as well. Lucky me, lucky me. And for having you as a friend, lucky, lucky me!

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Ellen!!! OMG, your granddaughter is just a little sweet doll!

Thanks for joining me on the "Earth Day" hop -- wasn't is such a fun time?!!!

Sorry it took a minute to get back to you but I've been caring for a relative which hasn't provided me very much time lately -- hopefully things are calming down where I can get back to visiting and!!!

Thanks too for your wonderful comments, and for following me; I just can't wait to get to know you better, my friend!

I'll be back as soon as I can...

I'll be seeing you!

P.S. Following you too!

Ashley Nicole said...

Congrats on the DT, that's so exciting and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Your granddaughter is just too cute, very precious. Can't wait for the blog hop, I have my post all ready to go.

Jacqueline said...

Just tweeted the blog hop ... "04-28 & 04-29: Her Royal Highness, Ellen, requests ur presence @ Royal Tea Bridal Shower Blog Hop -"
~ Jacqueline
Made by Jacqueline

Marianne B in AZ said...

Hope to make it to your hop!

You are not just being a proud grandmother, your granddaughter is a cutie! I am glad she had a good time with family on her very first Easter!

Linda S said...

What a sweet grandaughter!! Looking forward to the Royal Tea Shower.....I am now following you!

Cathy said...

She is absolutely adorable!!