Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish You a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hop over to here if you're celebrating Jennifer's 39th birthday with a blog hop...

I'm on my way upstairs to make my one-and-only St. Patrick's card for 2012. Yeah, a little late.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you this amusing picture of my grandbaby, O'Charlotte:

Not to worry ... she's still limited to whole milk and an occasional apple juice.
No Guinness. But doesn't she look like a Leprechaun who has found the prize
at the end of the rainbow??!  "Dad, I thought these were screw-tops!"

1 comment:

Jennifer McLean said...

AAAwww, she's so O'cute! Hehehe.
Here's wishing you a very Irish day from a newly minted Irish Gal!
Head on over to my blog and read all about my new heritage, I;m not sure I'd told you.
Also, it's the live post of my first APR, will you submit? Hope so!!
Hugs... Ok, I'll let you kiss the Irish! Hehehehe!