Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lucky Winner of the Cricut Cozy ~ Candy from the Bunnies and Blossoms Banner Hop!

It wasn't easy picking a winner ... I promised that I'd review every hop stop's comments and include each one in the drawing. Believe it or not, there were nearly 600 comments posted on all the blogs combined!  Thank you for your interest, and the love shown to each of the fabulous women who so generously made banners for the children at Pediatric Specialty Care.

Here's what the winner had to say:

"This is the best blog hop I have ever participated in. Fantastic cause. Bless you!"

Why, thank you ... PAM of ScrappinFabPam!! 

Here's the sort of color combo Pam picked:  "If I am chosen I would like what ever colors you chose, I like surprises. For the wording I'd like it to say "I am the Winner of the Bunny Hop Blog Hop.."

So here is Pam's surprise ... I had a lot of fun designing this and making it for her:

To make it, I used my Husqvarna Diamond Viking sewing/embroidery machine to set and sew the text. I cut the bunny and blossom from felt, using my Sizzix die, and puff-appliqued it to the cover. I then sewed zig-zag stitches for the facial features on the bunny.  It's far and away the most challenging covers I've ever made ... and no, I will not be making another one until the next hop.

For the Labor of Love (Halloween-themed) banner hop ... see below for more information ...  I will go back to my custom of having the kids at PSC pick the winner of the Cricut Cozy Cover from the banners submitted by our talented crafters. There will be blog candy sponsors for that event, which participants (and crafters, alike) have the opportunity to win. 

Photo courtesy of Lori Apgar
Last year's Kids' Choice winner was Lori Apgar, and I posted a picture of her winning cozy on Facebook not too long ago (because ... eeeek.... I just made it now. Sorry, Lori!!).  I want to tell you a little story about how that banner was picked.

Lori Apgar's winning Kids' Choice banner ... from the Labor of Love Banner Hop.

There is a little guy who's a patient at Pediatric Specialty Care ... he's 6 years old, and neurologically intact though physically devastated by a lifelong disease. He's a charmer, full of personality, and he's well-loved by the staff at PSC.  He went around to each banner, judged them himself, then polled all the staff, family members and other kids to see which one they liked the best. He had a staff member take a picture of the winning banner and he sent it to me via e-mail from the staffer's computer, offering up his congratulations:  "It is the best. It is in my room now." 

This little guy can't judge the banners this year. His condition has taken a turn for the worse, and he has been hospitalized with little chance of survival. While he outlived the typical life expectancy for his disease, that he has gone from charming to hospice care is sad for all of us at PSC who love him dearly. That our banners gave him such joy -- and pride in judging them -- is a true fond memory I will take with me. 

Thank you, all, for what you've given him -- and me.

Special note:  Our next banner hop for special needs children will be held during Labor Day weekend (3 days).  The theme is anything Halloween -- but please no scary, gruesome, or "death"/R.I.P. for these kids.  If you would like to participate in making a Halloween banner for the medically-fragile, technologically-dependent children at Pediatric Specialty Care in Bucks County, PA, please send an e-mail to  You do not need to have a blog to send a banner, nor must you participate in the Banner Hop to make a banner.  If you would like to be a blog hop stop (and be eligible to win a custom-made by CardMonkey Cricut Cozy Cover), you are most welcome.  Again, just indicate your wishes in your e-mail.  ALSO, sponsors are welcome!  Please contact Ellen ♥ CardMonkey at the e-mail address provided.  Thank you!!


Judy said...

Congrats, Pam!! I just loved reading your story :-) Such wonderful, special children and I am so sorry to hear the little guy is not doing well :-(

Linsey R said...

Wow over 600 comments, soooo heartwarming! And even though the prize is obviously crazy-awesome, I think we were all so inspired by these great ladies who made banners, that was a prize in and of itself!!! :) great big congrats to Pam, what a lucky lady and OMGosh, look at that fabulous custom cover!! Ellen, you're amazing! Thanks again for the great blog hop and I'm super excited already for the Halloween hop! Hugs Ellen! xoxo

Nitasha said...

Congrats, Pam! That is one cute surprise!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy by reading your efforts for the children.

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Shawnee said...

Congratulations Pam!! What a beautiful cozy cover, Ellen. Thanks for another great blog hop.