Monday, July 9, 2012

Copic versus Touch Markers - A comparative video

Here's rudimentary math:
             Take one CardMonkey
         -   Subtract work responsibilities while out on            
             disability (foot, ugh)
         +  Add must-sit, keep foot up requirements
         +  Add boredom from inactivity
          -  Subtract work-related (commuting, meals, 
             laundry)  expenses
Thank you, Warminster PA ShopRite!

...and what does that equal?  Online shopping! I've even found a local grocery store where I can shop completely online and they have a list of every product in their store, you choose a pick-up time and your things will be picked from the shelves, bagged and kept waiting for you (in refrigerator or freezer, as appropriate) until you drive up to the door and it's loaded into your trunk!!  Man, who knew!?  Yes, there's a fee ($10), but what a time saver for those weekly shopping trips!!!

Groceries ... and craft items, oh and things for the grandbaby (YAY! Swing Set!!), that's all I buy these days.

This led to my newest video, posted below: a comparison between Copic Markers and the cheaper alternative, Touch Twin markers by ShinHan Art Materials. 

You're going to have to watch the video for the complete deets but (spoiler alert!), here's the bottom line: Touch Twin ... two monkey thumbs up and a new addition to my Top Bananas list! Recommendation on a buy from Jerry's Artarama, where Touch Twin markers are now just $1.89 each!

Credit:   Digi-Stamp from Just Some Lines
Copic Markers - Top Banana recommendation to buy from Stamps Alive! (Terri Olsen)
Touch Twin - Top Banana recommendation to buy from Jerry's Artarama

DeFiaNtLy DiFfeReNt & CreAtiVeLy Yours,


purplemel said...

Thanks for the great tutorial Am interested in trying the touch markers but still love my copies. FYI ciao are refillable according to the class I took but like my sketch as they don't run away. TFS have a great day

Fer Galicia said...

Yes, copic ciao are refillable, I do own them and refill them, I already went 2 refill bottles on my r00.