Friday, July 20, 2012

Let's all FOLLOW "Paper Craft Island"

Oh, how fun -- summer entertainment just for us crafters!! 

First, out here in blogland, why not follow and participate in the super-fun creation called "Paper Craft Island". This adventure has landed a dozen daring crafters on an imaginary island where they will compete a'la the television show "Survivor" with immunity paper craft challenges and weekly challenges that will have US, the followers, voting whose torch to snuff out every-other week.

At the end of the first "Season", the last lucky crafter standing (or sitting at his/her craft table) will win a boatload of donated prizes. For real! 

To beef up the number of voters (e.g., followers) on Paper Craft Island, the game hostess Kimi has enlisted the support of her Mom Pamela, renowned crafter "LoveBug", who has donated a fabulous prize package to the blogger who can drive the most number of followers to the PCI website.

Will you help me win the top recruiter prize?  Please go to Paper Craft Island, "follow", and in your comment, tell them that Ellen - CardMonkey sent you.  I'd be honored if you did.  Oh, and then when you're a follower, you can also drum up PCI followers on your blog or other social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  and ask them to follow Paper Craft Island using your name ... and perhaps YOU will get to win the prize!

Oooh, I just thought of something ... if YOU become a PCI follower and mention ME as your recruiter, I'll put YOUR name in a hat to win a gift from CardMonkey!!  I'll make this easy -- it will be a $25 gift card to Michael's!  And I don't even have to win the PCI Recruiter prize for YOU to have a chance at winning for mentioning me over on PCI!

Make sense!? 

Okay, now while I've mentioned Michael's let me dive in and mention the other fun summer entertainment ...this one on TV ... for us crafters: "Craft Wars."

Craft Wars airs Tuesdays on TLC (note: new time starts this week: 8pm Eastern/7pm Central). The show is produced in partnership with Michael's; each show pits three crafters against each other and the clock to make theme-based crafts in the hope of winning that week's $10,000 prize.

School house made by Cheryl on Craft Wars, Episode 2
It's a bit camp ... and I still don't get why crafters insist on covering everything in felt and glitter ... and I'm not a Tori Spelling fan ... but what else is there to watch on TV that's aimed at those armed with hot glue guns?

Do you watch it?  Would you join the cast if you could?  I'd join the cast of Paper Craft Island if it wasn't an imaginary island ... I'd love the real thing!  How fun would it be to be marooned on a tropical island with your crafting buddies, I guess as long as we had electricity, bathrooms, bedrooms, the Internet, food and drink. :)

Don't forget:  Head over to Paper Craft Island (click HERE for a link!), follow there and leave a comment saying that I sent you!  By following, you'll get to be one of the voters who pick that week's winner, and whose torch gets snuffed. It should be a fun adventure!  I'll watch over on the PCI blog to see who mentions ELLEN-CardMonkey as her referrer, and will randomly select one winner of MY $25 Michael's gift card. 
DeFiaNtLy DiFfeReNt & CreAtiVeLy Yours,


Edwina said...

Hi Ellen, I said you sent me. good luck. I hope you win. Edwina Brown

sarah said...

Ellen went to, said u send me & a new follower on blog..thx.. for the chance to win..:)

Paper Craft Island said...

Oh Ellen you never cease to amaze me! LOL...If I could I would totally say you sent me! ;) But I doubt that would look very good! And stop being so hard on my girl Tori! ;) Seriously tho thanks for posting this and drive up the audience! It should be a fun adventure and I hope the "dirty dozen" and I don't disappoint! :)

Hugs from the Island ♥

Jennifer McLean said...

hiya sweetie, signed up, told them my friend ellen sent me. I don't care if I win the michael's gift certificate, you know I NEVER win your blog candy anyway (I don't win anything, unlucky that way, lol) but I wanted YOU to win so signed up. What a cool idea the island is. really brilliant of the hostess. Have fun!!


BlueCrayons said...

i went and followed pci and posted you sent me. maybe i can be lucky and win your prize.

Jessica Buffa said...

What a fun adventure this will be to follow! Thanks for the suggestion to head over to PCI. Yeah, not much of a Tori fan myself...and some of the challenges aren't awe inspiring, but it is fun to see a Craft Show we can all relate to!
Jessica S

Linda said...

ii am following papercraftisland. ii said you sent me. good luck

jen jen said...

I mentioned you referred me. Can't wait

Unknown said...

alrighty heading over now to say u sent me!!

Robin said...

I told them you sent me and became a follower!


Amy E said...

Hi Ellen! Thanks for pointing me over to Paper Craft Island! What a fun concept! I became a follower and let them know you sent me.

(Oh, and I'm TOTALLY with you on the whole Tori thing!!!!)

amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com