Friday, July 20, 2012

Wood Shop meets Craft Room

Are you handy in a wood shop, or do you have a hubby or friend who is?  Here are two wood shop items that can make your craft room play a bit more organized.

On the left is an ATG gun holder. It keeps the sticky surface of the tape off of the craft table and bits of paper or glitter that can gunk-up the tape. The cut out for the handle keeps the gun at ready-to-grab position. On the right, is a holder for my hot glue gun and glue sticks. This keeps the inevitable drips contained to a wipe-off tile, and keeps your glue gun safe from your elbow (OUCH ... trust me, that's from experience).

Now true confessions: I purchased both of these off eBay -- it's just easier for me that way because hubby hung up his tools a long time ago, and I ... well, I don't trust myself around fast-moving saw blades. I really like having 10 fingers! 

... especially since I currently only have one leg to stand on. 

Those who've been following know I've been in a cast for the past 6 weeks on my left leg. It was in a hard cast for half of that time, and now is in a "soft cast" that I can remove to shower (YAY!!) and go to therapy (okay!). And to ITCH. I posted a bit ago about my desire to bling the cast. Since the boot seems that it's going to be with me a while longer -- maybe months -- I decided to bling it up. Here it is:

Simple, classy ... and repairable when pearls drop off.  Maybe I'll color the pearls!

DeFiaNtLy DiFfeReNt & CreAtiVeLy Yours,

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lorby said...

Had to stop by and say hi and see what you're up too. Blinging the leg cast is a great idea. I wish I had been into crafting when I had to wear one of those a few years back because I sure would have blinged my out. Bling is good! By the way, I have a hop going on and I was hoping you would stop by and leave a comment because I made a digital stamp and when I was making it I was thinking of you. You'll see why...